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Management and operation of wastes landfill

It is well known that the generated waste quantities and required municipal works are relatively related with the residential density and urban expansion in any city. As landfills are critical and sensitive basic means to dispose waste on all levels, this puts the responsibility of relevant agencies to develop current and future plans, carry out required studies, and implement projects which ensure the proper disposal of waste quantities generated from the city in a safe and proper manner, as well as a modern and advanced way, for several coming decades. Certainly, the awareness of civilized community has an effective role in raising the level of cleanness in the city as well as reducing the quantity of generated waste. And due to the economic prosperity and social habits enjoyed by Saudi citizens, factors of urbanization and awareness may greatly impact the upgrade of the community more than reducing the rate of daily generated waste, so the role of Alfahhad company is clearly effective in providing its services in management and operation of landfills based on its current and previous expertise in this field.