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Maintenance and operation of hospitals

It is the activity of a special nature to be linked to the life and health of the human being, depending on the company in everything related to his daily life ranging from cleanliness, maintenance, nursing and private hotel service. It is qualified by the Ministry of Health to manage and operate hospitals and has already implemented these services in a number of hospitals.
This activity consists of the operation and maintenance of the buildings and facilities in them and all the electrical, mechanical, electromechanical and electronic devices. Al-Fahhad performs preventive maintenance works at the same time. The most prominent of these projects are King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah, King Abdulaziz Hospital in Jeddah, Al Amal Hospital, a number of hospitals in Jizan and Abha, King Salman Organ Transplant Center, Riyadh Kidney Center and King Faisal Hospital in Taif.