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City cleaning and waste disposal

Al-Fahhad is one of the most effective companies in this field, which started in 1993 in a part of Riyadh Capital which expanded to include the heart of the capital to become one of the main contractors for the cleanliness of the capital, which won the confidence of the Ministry and the secretariats of major cities, Buraydah, Al-Rass, Onayzah, Bakiriya, Al-Muqnab and other villages in Al-Qassim region as well as Hail, Dera'ya, Yanbu, some governorates of the Western Region, and Hafr Albatin. It is not only work on waste collection, but also recycling and benefiting from it in cooperation with some companies working in this field. As the city's clean-up activity is the main activity in the company, it has paid particular attention to research and development in the mechanisms and equipment used in the implementation of these services, as well as bringing in the international expertise specialized in this field and finding a kind of partnership that help their approach to the working environment and knowledge of their needs and work on the development of services, such as the company "Scarab" British specialized in the manufacture of mechanical brooms and other companies specialized in manufacture of compressors for rubbish and special metal containers.