• Location Riyadh, Al-Izdehar Dist., Al-Maaisha St.

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Our Services

Cities clean-up and wastes disposal

Our Services: • We offer a service that is 24 hour. • Collection and transportation of wastes. • Manual sweep. • Mechanical sweep. • Washing streets and sidewalks. • Suction of rainwater. • Picking up litter. • Cleaning markets.


Management and operation of wastes landfill

Our Services: • Wastes weight. • Wastes regulator. • Wastes coverage. • Car decontamination. • Operation of incinerators. • Methane burning.

Maintenance and clean-up of buildings

Our Services: • Cleaning building facades. • Inner cleanliness. • Maintenance of electrical works. • Maintenance and operation of refrigeration units.


Maintenance and operation of hospitals

Our Services: • Maintenance and operation of central air conditioning. • Maintenance and operation of boilers. • Maintenance of generators and power plants. • Maintenance of medical gases. • Maintenance of desalination. • Sewage treatment plants. • Maintenance and operation of central laundries. • Internal and external cleaning of buildings.

Maintenance of parks and gardens

Our Services: • Afforestation. • Gardens coordination. • Landscape works. • Maintenance of parks.

Construction and contracting

Our Services: • Construction. • Engineering consultancy. • Interior and exterior designs. • Infrastructure.

Environment and insect control

Safe control for an ideal environment Our Services: • Detection of insects. • Control of insects. • Control of rodent. • Control of stray animals. • Control of mechanical work. • Awareness programmes. • Remote sensing programmes. • Control of locust work. • Processing and operation of laboratories.

Maintenance and operation of restaurants

خدماتنا: ● Cleaning. ● Maintenance of catering buildings . ● Delivery of order.