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Al Fahhad Holding group is a Saudi entity, headquartered in Riyadh. It’s a broad umbrella for a number of companies. The group owns Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad & sons co. (closed joint stock), and a number of companies with various commercial activities, which operates in fields like commercial, industrial, and service investments.
Also, the group intends to act in a strategic way that enables it to include a number of successful companies under its umbrella, depending on its 25 years of extensive experience and its great resources.
The group investments are up to 5 billion Saudi riyals, with 21.000 employees, besides a large integrated fleet of 4000 pieces of machinery and equipment, which guarantees-with God’s permission- steady steps for the group, also it guarantees the continuity of the group’s activity and the clarity of its strategy.

Vision and Mission:

To be a pioneering group, a leading entity that embraces a number of special companies, so we can match professional measurements and achieve world standards.

Devoting qualified cadres and trained crews to present all our services in exceptional ways, in public and private sectors, to achieve the quality and professionalism equation, so we can build special relationships with our partners.


1- Seeking to build strategic partnerships with special parties locally, regionally, and internationally.
2- Achieving variety through owning companies working in different fields.
3- Expediting the development of our products and services to fit our clients’ demands.
4- Raising the bar in our fields in the business market.
5- Creating attractive business environment that would make the group a main destination for cadres, specialized people, and labour.

Ahmed AlFahhad

Ahmed AlFahhad