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Al Fahhad wins Al Madina Al Munawara Cleaning Contract

His Majesty the king ordered to give Al Madina AL Munawara Cleaning Contract to (Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad & sons Ltd., Co.). As a result, Al Madina municipality issued a notification with that on 15/12/1435.
In this special occasion, Al Fahhad Co. wishes to express gratitude to His Majesty, for granting the contract of this dear city on all of us to the Company.
We ask Allah almighty to help us fulfill this task, to achieve what the wise leadership is looking forward to in the process of improving living standards for nationals and foreigners living in the kingdom.
For that, Sheikh/ Ahmed Ibn Soliman Al Fahhad (Chairman of the Board) held a meeting with top management to discuss the preparations and the actual steps to start the project.